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Closing date: 24th August 2017

Please note entries to be received by NCC on or before this date. Sorry no exceptions.


1. This competition is open to the following:

  • All Photographic Society of New Zealand ‘Southern Region ‘members (ie South and Stewart Islands).
  • Members of PSNZ affiliated camera clubs in the Southern Region.
  • Financial members of PSNZ (Central, Northern and overseas) on the proviso that they have registered for the Southern Regional Convention to be hosted by the Nelson Camera Club in Nelson in October, 2017. Entry into the competition for non-Southern Region members means you forfeit any reimbursement of the Southern Regional convention fees if you do not attend.

2. Images can be taken in any country.

3. This is a digital and print competition only (no slides).

4. Each competitor may submit up to four images into each of the respective sections:

Section 1             Open Print
Section 2             Open Digital
Section 3             Portrait Print
Section 4             Portrait Digital
Section 5             Nature Prints
Section 6             Nature Digital
Section 7             Photojournalism Print
Section 8             Photojournalism Digital

5. The entry fee is as follows:

One section entered $25
Each additional section entered $10
(All four digital sections = $55, all four print sections = $55, all eight sections = $95)

All Payments to be made online by internet banking

6. All images or parts thereof must have originated in camera (film or digital) and been exposed by the entrant.

7. Images in sections 5, 6, 7and 8 (Natural History and Photojournalism) to have basic post processing only. Cropping, minor colour/density/contrast adjustments etc. are acceptable. No filters, HDR surreal effects, vignetting, selective colouring etc. Cloning and/or removal of distracting elements etc. is not allowed under the NH and photojournalism ethic. Refer to PSNZ rules regarding Nature & Wildlife where HDR, focus stacking and dodging/burning are permitted provided it does not change the nature story or pictorial content.

8. The Nelson Camera Club Inc. and members will take all reasonable care of entries, but cannot accept responsibility for image, or prints damaged or lost in transit or non-received emails.

9. Acceptances, Honours and Champion will be awarded in each section.

10. Where no indication is given to the contrary, permission to reproduce (in catalogue, photographic magazine, digital slide show, or future advertising) will be assumed.

11. Digital images

  • Must be in the jpg/jpeg format, with a sRGB colour space
  • The maximum size permitted is 1620 x 1080 pixels (1620 on the horizontal, 1080 on the vertical for landscape format, 1080 x 1080 pixels on the vertical for square format and 1080 pixels on the vertical for portrait format images.
  • Images with dimensions greater than 1620 on the horizontal and greater than 1080 on the vertical will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Images will be displayed on a screen by a digital projector to a standard at least that required for a National Exhibition.
  • The image file name must be the same as the image title
  • Digital Image files to be named as follows:

Prefixes must be added to the digital files as listed below –

op-         Open digital
rt-         Portrait digital
na-         Nature digital
pj-         Photojournalism digital

Prefix / Hyphen / Title

op-large tree.jpg       open
rt-alex smith.jpg       portrait
na-Tiger.jpg            nature
pj-men at work.jpg      photojournalism


  • Prints may be any size provided they are mounted on a base having a minimum of 400 sq cm and a maximum of 2000 sq cm, plus or minus 100 sq cm. Prints must not be under glass or framed.
  • If you are not attending the Southern Regional in Nelson, then sufficient courier tickets must be included to allow the return of prints. All other prints will be available at the conclusion of the Southern Regional.
  • Please courier prints to address:

Nelson Camera Club
C/- Wises Picture Framing
78 Buxton Square
Nelson 7010

13. Entries

  • Entries may only be submitted using the on-line entry form
  • Entries close at 10:00pm on 24 August 2017

14. Fees

Fees may only by paid by internet banking or direct deposit into –

Account name     NCC Sthn Reg Salon
Account number   03-1354-0254627-04

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