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This competition is open to all Southern Region photographic clubs that are members of the Photographic Society of New Zealand.
To enter click on the button below.

Full competition rules can be found under PSNZ By-Laws 18 (Digital) and 19 (Prints) on the PSNZ website.

The competition is being hosted by the Nelson Camera Club

Closing dates and entry fees:
Digital six images 24th August $40
Prints six images 24th August $40

Entry fee payment by internet banking or bank deposit:
Account name:                 NCC Sthn Reg Salon
Account number:            03-1354-0254627-04

Ensure your club name is part of the particulars, code or reference details.

All images or parts thereof must have originated in camera (film or digital) and been exposed by the respective entrants.

Clubs with 40 or greater members: all six images in each category must be from six individual members.

Clubs with less than 40 members: Two members can contribute two images each (therefore 4, 5 or 6 members contributing).

Prints and Projected Images derived from the same film or digital image can only be entered in either prints or projected images, not both.

Prints or Projected Images entered in this competition in any previous year are ineligible. 

Projected images:

  1. Must be in the jpg/jpeg format, with a sRGB colour space
  2. The maximum size permitted is 1620 x 1080 pixels (1620 on the horizontal, 1080 on the vertical for landscape format, 1080 x 1080 pixels on the vertical for square format and 1080 pixels on the vertical for portrait format images).
  3. Images with dimensions greater than 1620 on the horizontal and greater than 1080 on the vertical will be disqualified from the competition.
  4. Images will be displayed on a screen by a digital projector to a standard at least that required for a National Exhibition.
  5. The image file name must be the same as the image title
  6. Projected Image files to be named as follows: Image title.jpg Eg: Pier Dawn.jpg
  7. Projected images will be submitted at the same time as completing the on-line entry form


Prints may be any size provided they are mounted on a base having a minimum of 400 sq cm and a maximum of 2000 sq cm, plus or minus 100 sq cm. Prints must not be under glass or framed.

Prints will be judged as a group of six together and marked individually, and shall give due consideration to the requirement for diversity of subject material.

Ensure sufficient courier tickets are included for the return of prints, if no one from your club will be attending the Southern Regional in Nelson.

Prints are to be couriered to the following address:
Nelson Camera Club
C/- Wises Picture Framing
78 Buxton Square
Nelson 7010

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